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(2020.10.14)We got the prize for the outstanding contributions from the Ministry of Foreigh Affairs (MOFA) of the R.O.C.

The NGO International Affairs Association of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs specially organizes the '109 NGO International Affairs Association of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to commend civil organizations for outstanding contributions' in order to commend our country's civil organizations for their outstanding contributions to international exchanges and activities.

The TCF has signed up to participate in the public policy project and submitted an application and the specific deeds of participating in international exchanges and activities (click the link). After the application was selected by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the TCF has been notified by the NGO International Affairs Association to be selected as “contributing to outstanding non-governmental organizations” and was invited to participate in the '20th Anniversary Party of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs NGO International Affairs Conference' on October 14.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will recognize the TCF’s long-term active participation in international exchange activities and assistance in the expansion and improvement of Taiwan’s diplomatic space. The TCF's Chairman Wang Wei-Yuan and Honorary Chairman Lin Chin-Chang will attend the event to receive the award. With this outstanding achievement, the TCF would like to share this honor with the scholars, experts and local councilors who have participated in the activities of the Association during the last ten years.


(2019.12.09) Very heartfelt thanks to all who participated in the 4th 'Asian Councils Forum' (ACF) and 'Global Councils Forum' (GCF) Conference 'Open Era & Local Revitalization' !

We thank the speakers, chairs, commentators, young researchers and the foreign and domestic councilors who made such an informative and fruitful event possible!

Please click the following link to know more: http://www.gcforum.org.tw/




(2018.08.21) 2018 3rd Asian Councils Forum (ACF) has been successfully held on August 19-21, 2018 in Tokyo, Japan.

The Conference brought together a total of 150 participants from five countries in Asia including Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Hong Kong, as well as local Japanese councilors.

In view of the fact that Asian countries are more vulnerable to natural disasters, like tropical storms, floods, earthquakes, and landslides, the hosting organization focused on the issues of disaster countermeasures and post-disaster revitalizing strategies as the main discussion subject of this year.

Under the topic theme-Living Together in Asia, there are two-panel discussions, namely:

1. Regional Revitalization Strategies

This Forum shed insight on successful collaboration efforts by countries and regions for increasing innovation and identified the challenges, as well as the roles and responsibilities of the political, administrative, and industrial sectors that were necessary for achieving effective cooperation.

2. Disaster Countermeasures

Japan Administrative officers, professionals and experts analyzed and discussed various aspects of prevention and reduction of damage in the case of natural disasters with participants.

Please click the following links to view reports (Chinese version only) on the event and activities photos of each day.



(2017.11.01) Due to a schedule conflict problem, we are notified by the Japan Local Councilors Alliance (JLCA) that the date for the 3rd Asian Councils Forum (ACF) has been changed from May 27-28 to August 19-21, 2018 in Tokyo Japan. 


(2017.08.28) The 2nd Asian Councils Forum (ACF), 2017 Global Councils Forum (GCF) and the Annual Meeting of TCF have been successfully held at the Taipei City Council on August 26, 2017 in Taipei City, Taiwan.

The Conference brought together a total of 200 participants from eight countries in Asia and elsewhere, including Japan, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Tuvalu, Malaysia and Mongolia, among others.

This year, the number of the nations and participants from Local Councilors Assemblies, Parliamentary Speakers and local councilors has reached the highest level so far.

In the afternoon panel sessions, when practical experiences from local councilors collided with academic theories from local renowned scholars, the resulting exhilarating discussion attracted local media and nearly 200 attendees to participate in on-site activities.

Please click the following links to view photos of the event and presentations of each session. 

Opening Ceremony & TCF Chairman’s Remarks ( EN+CH)

Keynote Speech by Lee Hong-yuan (Topic Theme: Local Governance and Social Innovation in 4C Era)  ( EN+CH)

Global Councils Forum (Theme: Best Practice of Collaboration between Local Councils and Civil Society Organizations)  ( EN+CH)

Session A1: Local Demand and Social Innovation  ( CH)

Session A2: Local Tourism and Transport Infrastructures ( CH)

Session A3: Participatory Budgeting and Local Councils  ( CH)

Session A4: Best Practice in Your Local Council  ( EN+CH)

Session B1: Positive & Effective Check  ( CH)


Session B2 Constructively Conflict  ( CH)

Session B3: Problem-oriented Communication  ( CH)

Session B4: Cross-region Cooperation  ( EN+CH)

Conclusions of Panel Discussion and Closing Ceremony ( EN+CH)

Photos Gallery




  (The event was over.)



(2016.12.08) TCF’s President, Lin Chin-chang, as accompanied by local councilors and local domestic colleges’ professors, was invited by Philippine Councilors League (PCL) to attend the first Asian Councils Forum (ACF) held in Manila, Philippines on December 4-7, 2016. President Lin delivered six presentations on “The Role of Local Legislative Assemblies in Governance and Decentralization”, “The Implications of Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change to Local Governments”, “The Issues in Inter-Local Government Relations and Cooperation”, “The Role of the Local Assemblies in Promoting Trade and Investment Opportunities in the Asian Region” and so on. The participation of the delegates of TCF has enriched the content of the meeting and enhanced the exchange and collaboration between the members of PCL and TCF.

Please use the links to view the whole report on the first Asian Councils Forum (ACF) and photos (day 1, day 2 and day 3).  


(2016.11.19) 2016 TCF Annual Meeting and the thesis presentation conference presented by two local colleges’ professors have been successfully concluded on November 19, 2016 in Taipei City. TCF team has transcribed the presentation and provided the links for the public. If you are interested in the records, please link the articles' titles below for further review. Chinese version only.  


1. The Proposal of Upgrading the Role of Local Legislative Assemblies by Professor Fang Kai-hung (方凱弘), Dept. of Administrative Management, Shih-hsin University, Taiwan

2. The Issues in Inter-Local Government Relations and Cooperation by Dr. Lee Yen-ju (李衍儒), National Taiwan University



(2016.11.17) UNALE (União Nacional dos Legisladores e Legislativos Estaduais) is an organization bringing together around common goals all state parliamentarians and all state legislatures in Brazil. On November 13-16, 2016, 12 delegations of the UNALE led by Chairwoman Ana Maria do Socorro Cunha Costa visited Taipei City after attending the China International Friendship Cities Conference held on November 9-11, 2016 in Chongqing China.

The major purpose of their trip to Taiwan is to learn about the system and operation of the waste recycling in Taiwan. To meet their request, Taiwan Local Councils Representatives Community Forum (TCF) has arranged a two-day schedule during their brief stay on November 14-15, 2016, including visiting the Taipei City Council, Taipei Beitou Incinerator Plant, the Mission of Tzu Chi in Environmental Protection, Ta Ai Technologies Co., Ltd. and Taipei 101 Tower.

Please link here to know about the four days activities (Chinese version only).




(2016.08.02) Lin Chin-chang, President of the Taiwan Local Councils Representatives Community Forum (TCF), visited Miguel Ángel Santalices Vieira, the Vice-President of CALRE (Conference of the Regional Legislative Assemblies of the European Union) as well as the President of Parlamento de Galicia, in Santiago de Compostela, Spain on August 2, 2016. After a brief greeting, President Santalices Vieira took about one hour to introduce the TCF members to each chamber at the parliament building.




(2016.06.07) We congratulate Pilar Rojo Noguera, the former President of Conference of European Regional Legislative Assemblies (CALRE), on her winning an election as the Congress woman in the General Election in Spain on June 26, 2016. Mrs. Rojo Noguera was the President of Parlamento de Galicia from 2009 to 2016. We congratulate on her well-deserved victory as an elected member of the Spanish national parliament.  

  Pilar Rojo Noguera


(2016.06.06) Lin Chin-chang, President of the Taiwan Local Councils Representatives Community Forum (TCF), delivered a speech on the mission, objects and the future of the TCF at the 2nd Quarterly NEO-NB Meeting held by Philippines Councilors League on June 13-15, 2016 at Cagayan De Oro City, Philippines. During the event, PCL National President Maybelyn Fernandez presented President Lin with a copy of the Resolution which PCL made at the end of 2015 in connection with hosting the very first Asia Councils Forum, ACF in brevity, in Manila, Philippines in December 2016. (2016.06.16, Taipei Taiwan)  







(2016.05.08) We congratulate Maybelyn Rose dela Cruz-Fernandez, the National President of Philippine Councilors League(PCL), on her winning an Election as the City Councilor of the Dagupan City, Philippines. This is her third term as the Dagupan City Councilor.  

  Coun. Maybelyn Rose Dela Cruz Fernandez


(2016.03.20) The President of TCF, Lin Chin-chang, introduced two international regional legislative assemblies, Parliamentary Confederation of the Americas (COPA) and Conference of European Regional Legislative Assemblies (CALRE), at the General Meeting of TCF held on March 20, 2016 to the local councilors. The whole meeting could be viewed through the link.


(2016.03.14) Lin Chin-chang, President of the Taiwan Local Councils Representatives Community Forum (TCF), attended the 2016 General Meeting of the Japanese Local Councilors Alliance (JLCA, 日本會議地方議員連盟) on March 13, 2016 in Tokyo, Japan and made a speech during the Meeting to introduce the history, mission and service of TCF to the members of JLCA. Please link here to read the speech.  

Link Here for More Photos.


(2016.02.24) LinChin-chang , President of the Taiwan Local Councils Representatives Community Forum (TCF), is invited by Japanese Local Councilors Alliance (JLCA) on March 13, 2016 to Tokyo Japan. He will deliver a brief speech at the 2016 JLCA General Meeting to the attendees. Reportedly, there will be approximately 150 councilors from all over the country in the meeting.  


(2016.01.05) The Report on 2015 Global Councils Forum (GCF) and Annual Meeting of Taiwan Local Councils Representatives Community Forum (TCF) has been published for reference. Please take a look and share your opinions with us if any.  




(2015.11.01) Lin Chin-chang, President of the Taiwan Local Councils Representatives Community Forum (TCF), delivered a speech at the CALRE 2015 World Forum of Regional and Sub-National Legislative Assemblies on October 23, 2015 in Milan, Italy. The main theme of this year is “Regional and local representation for a true global democracy”. Each representative of the International Institutions was designated to make a 5-10 minutes speech introducing his/her own organization and focusing the speech on the concept of sovereignty and representation in his/her region.

Click Here to Find More Photos.




(2015.10.07) We are pleased to announce the attendance of Mr. Lin Chin-chang, President of TCF, to the CALRE 2015 Plenary Assembly and World Forum of Regional and Sub-National Legislative Assemblies in Milan, Italy on October 23-24, 2015. 




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