The Initiatives of Global Councils Forum in June 2014


        Under the support of government agencies, academic and other related institutions, the 2014 Annual Meeting of Taiwan Local Councils Representatives Community Forum (TCF) was successfully held in June 2014 in Taipei City, Taiwan. In the event, there was an International Forum session which was specially designed for the invited foreign speakers who respectively represented and were the Chairman/Chairwoman of each National/Regional Local Government Associations from CALRE (Conference of European Regional Legislative Assemblies) of the European Union, NCSL (National Conference of State Legislatures) of the USA, and the Japanese Local Councilors Alliance (日本会議地方議員連盟). Each invited Representative made a brief yet valuable presentation to share the past, present and future of the organization with domestic scholars and locally elected representatives. The achievement of the International Forum session has won recognition, nationally and internationally.

         Such a significant achievement led TCF members into thinking that in the long run, regularly holding an International Forum such as that in the 2014 TCF Annual Meeting is very significant to the development of the global democratic politics. With these thoughts in mind, taking the opportunity of the second day’s topics discussion among the representatives, TCF members brought up the initiative to discuss the possibility of creating an International Forum, or as named Global Councils Forum suggested by TCF, as a permanent establishment in the conference schedule on the occasion of the annual meeting in each National/Regional Local Government Association organization. TCF and those organizations who accept Global Councils Forum Initiative take turns to hold the International Forum session every other year.

          Although a formal and signed agreement, including a formal name for the session and the registration fees for attendance, has not yet been reached in black and white, a potential concurrence about the issue has commonly existed among the attendees.

          At the roundtable meeting, TCF, as a convener of the Global Councils Forum, volunteered to hold the first Global Councils Forum in 2015 in Taiwan, by which we hoped to encourage the other organizations continuously to get involved with the matter of the Global Councils Forum.


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